Time travel for the next generation

Something very special happens when young people connect with life from many centuries ago.

Whether they're learning in a class, performing, or listening from the audience, children and teenagers are empowered and inspired when they discover themselves as carriers of a tradition so much larger than we are. Imagine, we may say, someone wrote this song down seven hundred years ago. What would they think of us, here, singing it now?

In modern America, cultural memory is short and fragmented. The New World is unsure how to relate to the European history it inherits. Our community life grows richer when we can not only witness the diversity of cultures today, at home and across the globe, but gaze deeply into the human past, wherever we can find it. There is no more direct access than through the arts.

What if you write a song, we continue, and someone is still singing it many centuries from now?
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Touching history helps kids imagine the future. It's also a lot of fun. We hope you'll join us!
Photos top and bottom: Grace Reamer, Lee Talner
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